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Meet The Big Three

GBB triplets born on July 5th, 2017

#1. My beautiful girl Z. Pros = imaginative, energetic, can follow directions, likes to tell stories, independent, silly, loves to try new foods, encourages her brothers to wash their hair.

Cons = moody AF, washes all of our hand towels in the sink, bedtime perfectionist, demanding, obsessed with daddy. 

#2. Our sweet boy J. Pros = most lovable human being I know, enjoys the simple things, strongman, loves to tell his brother and sister about something exciting, Rip Van Winkle, never leaves a crumb on his plate. 

Cons = basically a human pterodactyl with the way he screeches, doesn't like to share, very sensitive, colors the furniture, will be in a body cast by the time he is 5. 

#3. Our little monkey R. Pros = future comedian, smart, knows how to read people, excellent talker, creative, loves to build and construct things, Wheels on the Bus fanatic, polite. 

Cons = pulls all the toilet paper off the roll, selective hearing, fights brother for superiority, tests the limits, con artist, wastes band-aids, extremely refined palate.

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