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Kiwico! Rainbow Bright :)

This was our first experience with a subscription box for the triplets and WOW it did not disappoint! Kiwico is a monthly subscription box with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics) activities for your littles. They have boxes ranging from infants to teens (we receive the Koala crate: 2-4 year old boxes) centered around a theme. Our box this month was all about rainbows! Each box comes with 3 activities centered around your theme and all the materials you need, including instruction guides for parents and a cute little book of facts and stories for your kids. The instructions are awesome because they are super easy to follow (even for people who aren't that crafty, including me) and tell you exactly how much adult involvement is needed, what skills your child will be working on, and how much mess is involved. I have to admit, I was a little worried that only three activities were included because I have three kids who would want to do everything, but these projects were so easy to do together and each child played an active part in getting it done! This was a lifesaver and eliminated any potential fighting that could and would happen. Our first project was making a cloud pillow with a rainbow design on the front. The kids loved this project and it taught us about the colors in the rainbow, even the fancier ones like indigo and violet. By the end, the triplets could name all the colors in order! The next project was a stained glass window. You put pre-cut shapes in any layout you wanted and put pre-cut pieces of colored tissue paper to make the stained glass. We put our stained glass up to the window and the kids were so excited to see the bright colors and light shining through! Our final, and messiest, project was making a rainbow bag. We put the rest of our pre-cut pieces of colored tissue paper on the bag, added water on top, and removed the tissue pieces to see the colors "dye" the bag. This taught the kids about mixing colors to make new ones! For kids who love to be active and explore new things, I give this subscription box a 10! The directions were super easy to follow, the kids could be involved in all activities, and it encourages fine and gross motor development, discovery, and imagination. We are always looking for new ways to engage and enteratin the triplets and this was a hit for both mom and kiddos! Check out for more info on these awesome subscription boxes!

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17 ago 2020

Omg I’ll have to try this with my kids! I think they would love this!

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