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Journey to and thru the NICU Pt.2- The First 12 Weeks

After getting through the initial shock of having triplets, my emotions were in overdrive. If a normal pregnancy has a worry index of 10, an IVF pregnancy has a worry index of about 2000. And that might be low-balling it. You are so used to the failures, that it's hard to be positive towards the successes. It can't possibly last so why get your hopes up? The base cost of our treatment was $15,000. Each round of medicine costs anywhere between $3,000-$6,000. All out of pocket. We were so fortunate to have some AMAZING people who helped organize fundraisers for us and have so many people in our corner who donated and help support us.

About 6 weeks in, I had some complications that threatened to send me over the edge. Remember that worry level?? Skyrocketing. I called the fertility clinic and they scheduled an ultrasound to see what was going on. Turns out I had a hemorrhage and needed to stay on bed rest for a week. We saw and heard their heartbeats at this appointment- 6 weeks! It was absolutely amazing to see that little fluttering on the screen. We got worried when Baby C's heartbeat was only 55 bpm, which was super low in comparison. Baby C is an identical twin (he shared the same sac and placenta with his brother). The doctors told us to prepare to lose Baby C before our next ultrasound. They called it the Vanishing Twin, which is apparently common in multiple pregnancies. I was devastated. I knew anything was possible with a triplet pregnancy, but I was not expecting to hear that news. Thankfully, Baby C must have been taking a snooze, because at our next appointment his heartbeat was thundering :)

At 8 weeks we FINALLY "graduated" from our IVF clinic! We could now be seen at our regular OBGYN's office. At our first OB appointment, I was referred to the Maternal & Fetal medicine department at another hospital. A multiple pregnancy is obviously high risk, so we needed to make sure everything was going well. They gave us our due date of September 8, but told us that a full-term triplet pregnancy is only 35 weeks. We ended the appointment by discussing our c-section, which would be scheduled for August if all went according to plan. HAHAHAHA.....

To be continued!

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